Sf Language Services, Inc.


Bilingual Destination Services

& Intercultural Training


Bilingual Destination Services

A dedicated Bilingual Specialist is assigned to help you navigate the challenges that arise from living in a new environment

High Quality Destination Services improve the success rate of your expatriate assignments by ensuring that your transferees quickly & smoothly settle into their new environment

Some of the services provided:

  • Pre-arrival car purchase program arrangements
  • Transferee and family pick up at airport
  • Car rental assistance
  • Mobile phone purchase
  • Temporary housing arrangements
  • Area orientation tour and overview
  • Company orientation interpreter service
  • Home finding assistance
  • Social Security assistance
  • Driver's license assistance
  • Bank account assistance
  • Coordination of driving lessons and licensing
  • School-related information, enrollment and visits
  • Recreation and leisure activities
  • Language lessons coordination
  • Insurance - health/home/car
  • Doctor's appointment interpreting assistance
  • Purchasing local goods
  • Follow up assistance
  • Surveys and assessments
  • All departure services - housing, car, bills, shipping, airport drop off
  • 24/7 telephone and personal support

Corporate Intercultural Training Programs

Productive cross-cultural collaboration with clients and effective leadership with colleagues

We deliver a full range of training and business consulting solutions for effective cross-cultural/cross continent business interactions.

Our programs provide an essential insight into the target country’s culture and deliver the necessary understanding, skills and strategies to ensure that the relocation process and the assignment are successful. We specialize in Russia, Brazil and the USA.

Proper support for your international personnel can mean the difference between success – and a missed opportunity. International assignments are between 6 months and 3 years, yet 35%-40% of all international assignments end prematurely.

Based on the Relocation Report 64% of companies provide relocation preparation and intercultural training. 84% of these companies stated that such training provided high value to the assignees. Contact SF Language Services today and we will design a program based on your specific needs.

Our Difference:

  • Consultant Services to design your Intercultural competency training program
  • Certified Intercultural Cross Competency Professionals with corporate working and training experience
  • Tailor-made Content
  • On-site instruction
  • Post training support
  • Our Customized Programs Portfolio Includes:

  • Pre-assignment orientation for expatriates and families
  • Country specific business practices, norms & management values
  • Multi-cultural team building
  • Management across cultures
  • Adapting and succeeding within the new culture
  • Custom built resource guide