Sf Language Services, Inc.


General Language Programs


Private Language Training

We design private classes for individuals to fit their unique objectives and interests. Our instructors work one-on-one with our clients and ensure that their specific needs are met. This program is conveniently offered at our clients' location of choice, including their home. Our interactive approach fully engages our clients and prepares them for daily interactions, both at the workplace and in the public.

Small Group Language Training

We create language courses for small groups to help clients learn the skills necessary for personal or professional travel and business. We provide these programs in various languages, including English, French, Portuguese and Russian. Likewise, training is offered at beginner, high-beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. They all focus on the skills required for business communication, basic daily interactions, travel and cultural awareness. The small group lessons are held at our clients' location of choice, including their home or office.

Expatriate Family Language Training

Our language program for expatriates extends personalized instruction to the spouses and children of expatriates in order to develop their language skills. This program provides family members with the communication tools necessary to successfully integrate into their new community and school. Our friendly instructors incorporate cross-cultural support to ease the transition and settlement of families. These private family lessons usually occur at the client's home.