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About our CEO

Egladir Xavier, founder and CEO of SFLS, immigrated to the US from her native Brazil 20 years ago without any knowledge of English. She settled in the San Francisco Bay Area and became dedicated to learning the language and understanding American culture. Integrating into a complex western society while learning the language is difficult enough but she managed to do it while working to make a living and establishing a social circle, all experiences that would later prove invaluable.

E.G., as she is known, began to teach Portuguese as a one-woman operation, drawing on her personal accomplishments as an expatriate to develop and provide innovative services to her clients. The harder she worked the more business she earned, until eventually in 2004 she expanded SF Language Services, Inc. to Houston where SFLS currently serves the greater Houston area and employs many minorities from all corners of the world.

What started out as a need to integrate into American society, became the spark that ignited the innovative ideas behind SFLS and the conviction that delivering only the highest quality language services would lead to success for both the client and the company. Even though Ms. Xavier's background is in linguistics, she soon saw herself thrust into the role of CEO of a company turning over in excess of a million dollars per year. The transition from a classroom to a boardroom is not an easy one but Ms. Xavier continued to educate herself on business management techniques and dedicated herself to building a strong team of talented specialists who could complement her experience and skills.

Today SFLS boasts a diverse and experienced staff, with individuals representing 6 continents, and over 100 cumulative years of experience in language and cultural training, many having been expatriates themselves.